Ita. Just For You.

Ita "Bluefire" Sun, known as Ita is back with new features. You might never seen her like this before!

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Choronicles of Ita: The Time Blazer's Odyssey

Ita, the Time Blazer, possesses an extraordinary gift for traversing time's vast tapestry. She discovered her unique abilities at a young age, driven by an insatiable curiosity about the past and future.

Throughout her temporal adventures, Ita found love in Aiden, a devoted partner who stood by her side through the ages. Aiden's unwavering support became the foundation of her purpose.

Ita's mission is not just to preserve history but to support those she encounters on her journeys. Her compassionate heart and understanding nature make her a beacon of hope in times of uncertainty. As she continues her noble quest, Ita offers a helping hand and a listening ear to all, leaving a positive impact on the lives she touches.


Introducing Ita: Your ModMail Maestro

Ita, our versatile bot, has evolved her role! Once a multipurpose assistant, she's now your ModMail maestro. Ita excels at managing and streamlining your communications with our team. Her efficient handling of ModMail ensures that your inquiries and feedback reach us swiftly and smoothly. Trust Ita to be your dedicated bridge to our community and support. She's here to make your interactions seamless and enjoyable!


Simplifying Fun: Commands

Your trusty companion, now equipped with powerful moderation commands. Ita has evolved to become your guardian of digital harmony. With these intuitive commands, you have the tools to maintain a welcoming and positive environment in your community. From managing user interactions to ensuring respectful discourse, Ita's moderation prowess is at your service. Say hello to a more enjoyable and controlled online experience with Ita's tailored moderation commands.

Setup Tickets
/setup-ticket description: text, color: {choices}

Setting up tickets with Ita is a breeze. Simply define the description and embed color, and you're good to go! Plus, enjoy the added convenience of Ita's support for Markdown language. Get ready for a seamless ticketing experience!

Create Events beta
/create-event name: text, description: text, location: text, duration: {choices}; image: attachment

Event creation made effortless! Simply furnish the event's name, description, location, and the desired duration. Want to add a special touch? Feel free to include an image, though it's entirely optional. With these easy steps, you'll be organizing and sharing your events in no time!

/show nsfw type: {choice}, only-me: boolean

Ita also supports 18+ contents. The commands only works in channels marked as NSFW! Wouldn't you want to do it in a silently way?

Translate Messages
Message Options > Apps > Translate Message

Translating was never been this easy! Just go to message menu, then select apps and you will see "Translate Message". Tap to it and it will translate the message to your Discord App language! ☻

Profile Picture
User Profile > Apps > Show User Avatar

You might also get bored to see typing a command to see specific user's banner or profile picture. With Ita, you do not longer to type and type the user's username on the place! Just click to user and done!

Profile Banner
User Profile > Apps > Show User Banner

If you have checked "Show User Profile", you might have seen this option too. Yes! You are right. This one for showing banner of user.