You will get information about commands in here. You can also join to our server to get support!

Ticket System

/setup-ticket description: text, color: {choices}

Setting up tickets with Kaeru is a breeze. Simply define the description and embed color, and you're good to go! Plus, enjoy the added convenience of Kaeru's support for Markdown language. Get ready for a seamless ticketing experience!

Create Giveaway

/create-event name: text, description: text, location: text, duration: {choices}; image: attachment description: text, color: {choices}

Event creation made effortless! Simply furnish the event's name, description, location, and the desired duration. Want to add a special touch? Feel free to include an image, though it's entirely optional. With these easy steps, you'll be organizing and sharing your events in no time!


/show nsfw type: {choice}, only-me: boolean

Kaeru also supports 18+ contents. The commands only works in channels marked as NSFW! Wouldn't you want to do it in a silently way?

Translate Messages

message options > apps > translate message

Translating was never been this easy! Just go to message menu, then select apps and you will see "Translate Message". Tap to it and it will translate the message to your Discord App language! ☻

Profile Picture

user profile > apps > show user avatar

You might also get bored to see typing a command to see specific user's banner or profile picture. With Kaeru, you do not longer to type and type the user's username on the place! Just click to user and done!

Profile Banner

user profile > apps > show user banner

If you have checked "Show User Profile", you might have seen this option too. Yes! You are right. This one for showing banner of user.

Play Music

/play song query: text

Music? On moderation bot? For free? Yes!