This is Liya!

In the pixels and prose, I discover the magic of the ordinary.

Liya serves as the custodian of Minesa Hub. She stands out as a valuable member within the team, contributing her unique talents and expertise.

Liya is a multi-faceted individual with a penchant for creative expression. Her creative endeavors span both the realms of literature and visual arts, as she diligently crafts her web novel, titled "The Awakenings," which has garnered substantial acclaim as one of the most popular web novels available. Her artistic talents extend beyond the written word, as she also has a knack for playing the guitar. Learning to play the guitar becomes an accessible journey with her as your guide.
In addition to her artistic pursuits, Liya is an accomplished developer who has lent her skills to numerous projects. She leads a dedicated team known as Slyrith, where her expertise is instrumental in achieving success.

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