Know Mica a little more.

Mica is co-owner of Minesa. She is a Senior High School student.

She has consistently demonstrated academic excellence, achieving outstanding results across various subjects since her early years in school. Her commitment to learning began at a young age, and she showcased remarkable aptitude in Science, Math, English, and Filipino during her kindergarten days.
Her dedication and pursuit of knowledge continued through elementary school, where she earned recognition as the outstanding student of the year and maintained an exceptional performance in English.
Her high school years were marked by numerous accolades, including honors for her proficiency in English, Science, History, and MAPEH. Notably, she was also awarded the artist of the year for her outstanding creative contributions.

Beyond her academic achievements, she is equally dedicated to her personal life. Neo, her boyfriend, is the fortunate recipient of her talkative and loving nature. Their relationship is a testament to her ability to balance her academic excellence with a vibrant and warm personality.