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Neo is one of the proprietors of the company, Minesa. At 19 years of age, he boasts a remarkable three-year tenure with the organization. Neo's role within the company is that of a proficient front-end developer.

Neo's professional journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to both technology and creativity. As a developer and designer, he skillfully combines these two passions to conceive innovative and functional solutions. With nearly three years of coding experience, he maintains a proactive approach, consistently exploring new technologies and techniques to augment his skills and capabilities.

Additionally, Neo brings his expertise to the realm of land surveying. He plays a crucial role in land and construction projects, ensuring precision and adherence to legal standards. Leveraging advanced technology and specialized software, Neo gathers and meticulously analyzes data, develops maps and plans, and provides invaluable guidance to project personnel. This demanding role necessitates acute attention to detail, adept problem-solving skills, and the ability to effectively convey technical information.

In his personal life, Neo is in a loving relationship with Mica, his girlfriend. This partnership underscores his ability to balance a flourishing career with a nurturing and supportive connection.

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