Event Manager

Know Saku a little more.

Saku is a co-owner of Minesa. She holds a prominent position within the Minesa community, earning high regard for her contributions.

While Saku may not describe herself as excessively kind, her genuine desire to support those around her is deeply rooted. Within Minesa, she has taken it upon herself to provide invaluable mental and emotional support to our members. Saku has spearheaded events and initiatives aimed at fostering a thriving Minesa Hub community. Her approach may not conform to traditional notions of kindness, but she firmly believes that actions speak louder than words.
Through a blend of team-building activities, educational workshops, and heartfelt conversations, Saku ensured that every member felt not only included but genuinely valued. Her unique approach left an indelible mark on the Minesa community, underscoring her unwavering commitment to their well-being. Saku may not align with the conventional image of a kind-hearted person, yet her lasting impact within Minesa is undeniable.